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A few words about me


Hello, I’m Niki, the creator of Paint My Day!

I was born in Athens, Greece. I graduated from the Department of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts & Design of Athens.

Having worked as an interior designer for over 10 years, I felt the need to express myself through painting, something I loved doing as a child.

I attended online workshops by mixed-media artists I admired and somehow decided to  “start” Paint My Day!

My studio used to be a tiny corner in my house! You can now find me painting in my new studio in Palaio Faliro. There, I love painting using “mixed media” techniques (acrylic paints, collages, markers, color pencils, watercolor, etc.) on different surfaces (canvas, wood, paper, leather).

I create whimsical paintings for nurseries, wooden decorative objects and handmade jewelry from wood, papier-mâché                 and leather !

If you are looking for unique whimsical pieces of art and happy decorative objects you are in the right place! Let me Paint Your day!

You can follow my work on:

My creations


Original Art
Customised Gifts
Nursery Decoration
Handmade Jewellery

    All my artworks are colorful and whimsical!

    I like to create using mixed techniques because it creates a lot of layers and textures that give a unique character to my paintings!

    I use professional colors and materials. All my paintings, once completed, are sealed with a professional matte varnish because!

    If you are looking for unique whimsical pieces of art and happy decorative objects you are in the right place!


    In a special occasion you can offer a unique personalized gift, which I will paint especially for you and the person for whom it is intended.

    Depending on the occasion (wedding, christening, birthday, anniversary), you can choose the object you prefer and I will write the name you wish.

    Just tell me what you have imagined and I will be very happy to paint it for you.


    As an interior designer, decorating a nursery room, is a very serious job for me!

    I love creating unique items and paintings that will give a special style to your child’s room.

    You can choose from paintings, wooden wall hangers, door panels, memory boxes, height chart sand much more!

    You can choose from a range of ready-made items or tell me how you have imagined the item you desire!

    All the decorative objects for the nursery room are painted by me with great love!


    I create unique jewelry made of leather, wood and  papier-mâché!

    They are all handmade and hand-painted for a unique look!

    You can see more here.


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